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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to help men and women break free from anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions and depression.

Just like a butterfly, isn't it time you brought the real you to life?


Are you living your life with anxiety and stress? Do you struggle to stay positive and hopeful about your future. Have you found it hard to let go of past relationships? Do you feel burdened by addictive behaviours or debilitating fears that are getting in the way, of you accelerating your career? Or are you simply not living the life that you want?

Well, you are in the right place to get help.

I’m Bertie, clinical hypnotherapist, and master practitioner of RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I know that life can feel like a constant battle, and its easy to end up feeling trapped in a state of overwhelm and frustration. With my powerful one to one sessions, I help you to get to the root of the issue, quickly and effectively, without the need for a long, drawn-out, time consuming process of analysis.

RTT is the brain-child of Marisa Peer, who after 30 years of a very successful hypnotherapy career, thankfully chose to share her fast, effective methods. At the end of 2015, she began teaching her method and I was lucky enough to be one of her very first students.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy


It can be a real struggle to take any kind of action when you feel you are not good enough, and that there is no point going for what you want, because you believe that you are not worthy of more. You want to break free from these feelings of low self worth, and fear of failing. You feel trapped in old habits and old beliefs, which keep you depressed by day, and awake and anxious by night.

Trying to stay positive and hopeful for a better life, when everything seems to continually challenge, can feel like an insurmountable mountain to climb. So you just stay stuck in the pit, lost in self-pity, and anxiety and taking no action.

Let me help you to remove the overwhelm and stress by reprogramming your mind, so that you can break free from old thoughts and habits, and become the person you've always dreamed of being.

Not sure still? Read My Story, and What People Have To Say About Me.

What my clients have to say

“I wanted to thank you so much for the RTT session I had with you recently. I feel compelled to let you know that since our session I have experienced my horizons expanding and my world opening up, as the strangle hold of fear and anxiety has been retreating, its power diminishing. Through our session and your expert guidance, I was drawn to the powerful realisation that the fear is not me. The paralysing fear I had experienced for so many years, was in reality just a form of protection. A symptom of experiences I had absorbed many years ago, which became imprinted within me, until the fear became me.

Your skilled and intuitive guidance throughout the session, resulted in powerful realisations and dissociations of past beliefs, which had previously engulfed me with fear. I now feel upgraded into a new life, assisted by the powerful recording you made for me, specifically detailing and in alignment with my dreams of being free of debilitating fear and anxiety.”

Sarah, Skype

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