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I’m Bertie Ekperigin, and I practice a unique form of hypnotherapy called Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT was developed by Marisa Peer, In London, and is an empowering and transformative method that creates change in just 1 to 3 sessions, by getting to the “root” cause of the problem.

For over fifteen years, I have worked as a motivator and mentor helping people of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life to become fully themselves, through training, NLP and coaching, and now through the power of Hypnotherapy. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy, my clients are finally free from debilitating anxiety and crippling fear, and are able to discover self-confidence, relieve stress and become Changed for Good.

bertie ekperigin

As a former ‘worry expert’ who was wonderful at catastrophising the future, I know exactly how it feels when fear and anxiety hold you back in life. Thankfully, this was something I successfully overcame through hypnosis.
Through Changed for Good, my passion now lies in helping adults of all ages, from all backgrounds and in all stages of life, feel confident and optimistic by releasing them from anxiety, soothing fear and relieving stress.

What’s holding you back in life?

All too often, we repeat behaviours we already know aren’t good for us. For example, we continue working in jobs that make us miserable, or we cling unhappily to relationships that have long since broken. Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you have been unable to keep? (New Year’s Resolutions spring instantly to mind!)

Self-sabotage, creating future worst-case scenarios and repeating negative behaviours was once a problem for me, and like most people, I have struggled in life. I have faced serious illness, divorce, money worries and depression – and I would have rather cut off an arm than speak in public! I smoked, and as a former perfectionist I suffered from a constant belief that I was not good enough.

At my lowest point, I decided to seek hypnotherapy myself. At first, I was amazed at how quickly I overcame my fear of public speaking! I learned how to feel safe and confident in the present, instead of regressing to negative past behaviours or fretting about the future. These days, I am a recovering perfectionist who has mastered the art of giving myself positive feedback! Not only am I in great health, but I feel years younger than my real age.

What my clients have to say

   “I'd experienced overwhelming anxiety on and off for years. Deep seated fears meant I found it difficult to cope with general daily life and a busy career in London. I was constantly stressed, overwhelmed, emotionally eating, lacking in confidence and above all consistently anxious. Working with Bertie has been life changing - in just one session we were able to pinpoint and transform the subconscious root cause of my anxiety and I left feeling more relaxed than I had felt in years! By the 3 week follow up I felt completely different - the results were remarkable! Not only did I not feel anxious, but old negative habits I'd had for years (biting my nails) had stopped too. I started to feel my personality come back and I began enjoying life again. Things that bothered me before just didn't bother me anymore and my confidence has continued to grow. I've found Bertie to be a fantastic therapist - warm, understanding and extremely supportive and her techniques speak for themselves.” 

Lisa, London

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