Are you living your life with constant stress? If you are, you probably feel like a runner. stuck in the “get set” position, with muscles tensed, about to begin an important race. Yet you feel paralysed and not able to move forward, let alone compete.

If you are living like this on a daily basis, maybe you have to endure constant headaches, or perhaps you are unable to sleep. You may be struggling to succeed at work, or perhaps your personal relationships are making you feel depressed.

We might not be cavemen living in fear of attacks by wild animals any more but our bodies still experience that heady, often terrifying ‘fight or flight’ response. In modern times, the cause is more likely to be a destructive relationship, a demanding job, or distressing personal issues.

bertie changed for good hypnotherapy

You don’t need me to tell you that fears and phobias feel extremely debilitating. They begin simply as negative thoughts that very quickly lead to exaggerated emotions (if you have ever experienced an ‘irrational’ fear or a phobic reaction, you will understand exactly what this means). However, what creates fear in one person can actually create excitement in another! This is because fear is mainly subjective, experienced as a result of your beliefs, and how your brain is telling you to interpret certain situations.

It is very important to remember that the physical body responds to the mind’s beliefs. While we can create bad habits or bad health with negative thoughts, we can also create good habits and good health, though developing a positive mindset.

Using hypnotherapy, we will not only discover the cause of your stress related behaviour or illness, but also release you from it by connecting you with that part of your mind that chooses how you feel, and we will work together to create the positive mindset that will help you to let go of anxiety and fear, and help your physical health to flourish, and become Changed for Good.

Some of the specific fears that I address:

  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Heights
  • Public speaking
  • Job interviews
  • Impending exams
  • Rejection
  • Confrontation
  • Being judged
  • Being in small spaces
  • Failure
  • Driving
  • Flying
  • Specific animals/insects

Some of the specific stress-related health issues, bad habits and addictive behaviours that I work with:

  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Skin disorders
  • Acid reflux
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Hair loss/pulling
  • Nail biting
  • Lip chewing
  • Blushing
  • Teeth grinding
  • Excessive sweating


Want to find out how hypnotherapy can help you, or want to book a session? Get in touch with me today. You can also find out more from some of the customers I've helped in my success stories section.

Alternatively, have a look at my transformational self-hypnosis recordings for some specific issues and download an audio for just £27.

Hypnotherapy Recordings

In my experience, deep-rooted and multi-layered issues are best resolved with a 1-TO-1session. However, some people can get excellent results by simply downloading a generic recording and listening to it for 21 days. I have made several dedicated recordings to help people with specific fears and phobias. If you believe that there is no definitive root cause to your fear, then why not experience my relaxing, reassuring audio today.
And, if you are interested in upgrading your beliefs about ageing, and looking years younger, then why not download this self-empowering, belief changing audio today.

“When we face our fears we can find freedom”

Whether you can’t sleep, you’re fretting about an important exam or there’s a terrifying job interview looming on the calendar, you will find a dedicated and empowering recording that will help you overcome your fears, enabling you to become your authentic, confident self.

Hypnotherapy Success Stories

Hear directly from my clients and how I've helped them through hypnotherapy.

Fear & Anxiety

"Hi Bertie, I wanted to thank you so much for the RTT session I had with you recently. I feel compelled to let you know that since our session I have experienced my horizons expanding and my world opening up, as the strangle hold of fear and anxiety has been retreating, its power diminishing. Through our session and your expert guidance, I was drawn to the powerful realisation that the fear is not me. The paralysing fear I had experienced for so many years, was in reality just a form of protection. A symptom of experiences I had absorbed many years ago, which became imprinted within me, until the fear became me.

Your skilled and intuitive guidance throughout the session, resulted in powerful realisations and dissociations of past beliefs, which had previously engulfed me with fear. I now feel upgraded into a new life, assisted by the powerful recording you made for me, specifically detailing and in alignment with my dreams of being free of debilitating fear and anxiety. Your care, compassion and skill throughout is a wonderful testament to you and truly radiates outwards, thank you so, so much. You are wonderful!"

Sarah - Skype

October 2017


"When you delved in my memories of childhood trauma we came up with the reason I stressed myself so much I needed to develop migraine headaches and live with them for 52 years. Knowledge is power so being able to turn my stress level from 8/10 to 2/10 has made such a general difference to my life and has diminished the headaches down to a minimal level. Your technique is so gentle it is easy to fall under your spell You tie all the information together and then convinced my brain I no longer needed that response to stress. How great it feels. Thank you Bertie"

Elaine, Cheltenham

September 2017

Smoking Weed

"From the first time I spoke to Bertie on the phone, I knew she would be able to help me. I’d smoked weed for years and was unable to quit on my own. It was affecting my life in a negative way and I wasn't living the way I wanted to. In one session I stopped smoking weed and haven't smoked since, and haven't felt the need to. I am so much happier, and have more energy to do the things I want to do. Thank you so much."

Marie, Cheltenham

September 2017

Excellent Memory & Exam Success

"I have struggled for a substantial amount of time to remember everything that studied and revised and lacked confidence when the exams were approaching. I went to see Bertie who helped me change my beliefs about my capabilities and the fact that I could achieve success during exams. Listening everyday to the recording was the key to the change process; by increasing my personal confidence, having a stronger willingness to do things right and put all the necessary efforts in by procrastinating less."

Xavier, Brussels

July 17

Nail Biting

"I had one session with Bertie for lack of confidence and my inability to achieve anything in life as a result of my owns fears and holding myself back. I now have the confidence to follow a new career path, knowing that I am good enough. The transformation was so quick that I would never hesitate in recommending Bertie. She is a kind and intuitive therapist."

Kate, London

June 17


"I had one session with Bertie for lack of confidence and my inability to achieve anything in life as a result of my owns fears and holding myself back. I now have the confidence to follow a new career path, knowing that I am good enough. The transformation was so quick that I would never hesitate in recommending Bertie. She is a kind and intuitive therapist."

Kate, London

June 17

Nail Biting

I had one session with Bertie and gave up my lifetime habit of biting my nails. The session was so powerful it created an instant change and I never bit my nails again. I am very grateful to Bertie.

Wayne, London

June 17

Glandular Fever

"I had been suffering from glandular fever for about three months when I got in contact with Bertie. I wanted to speed up my recovery, as I felt like I wasn’t getting better - if anything my symptoms were worsening . From outset I felt like she completely understood what I was going through and straight she away offered me positive advice to help aid my recovery. My personalised recording was incredible - not only did it help me to instruct my body to heal itself but it also helped me to remain positive on the days when I felt like my symptoms were worsening and I felt frustrated that the illness was never going to go away. I looked forward to listening to my recording, as I would always come away feeling more empowered, relaxed and closer to getting my optimum health back. The results were almost instant, as through my recording I finally felt like I was in control of my body again. I could not recommend Bertie more and I incredibly grateful to her for helping me to heal."

Allison, London/Skype

May 2017


"I have been suffering with a severe form of GERD for years, which would occasionally get better only to flare up again weeks later. It is after the session with Bertie and her soothing recording that I have been able, finally, to have a visible, laying improvement in my symptoms. My life has since improved considerably. And whenever there is too much pressure on me and I feel agitated, I have the recording o get me instantly back to safety and health."

Victor, London

April 17

Loss of Taste & Smell 

"I had lost my smell and taste senses for 12 years when I went to see Bertie. I had seen so many people from alternative therapies and conventional therapies before seeing her and nothing had helped. After her therapy session and the recording she gave me, which I did every day for a month, my sense of taste and smell is beginning to regenerate . In fact the evening after my session with her I went out to supper and I could taste the coriander on my salad which I hadn’t tasted for 12 years! I can’t recommend Bertie enough - she has succeeded when all else had failed and I had given up hope of every enjoying my food or smelling the amazing aroma of flowers and essential oils and such like. Thank you so much Bertie."

Lulu, London

April 2017 

Fear of Flying & Heights 

"Hi Bertie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for all your help. I was flying down red runs all week and just enjoying the exhilaration of what I was doing, not thinking of the speed and height aspects. The flights were both good and I feel that I have a new lease of life. Great work from you and really positive fro future holidays, very grateful."

Matt Mathew

Cheltenham March 17


"I have suffered from chronic insomnia for many many years, and taken medication which left me feeling worse than not sleeping.
I resigned myself to the fact that I might never sleep through the night again. I approached hypnosis with some cynicism, but the very first time I listened to Bertie's recording, I slept for five hours straight - unprecedented for me! Now, I am able to fall asleep easily and should I wake up, I listen to her recording and inevitably fall asleep again before it finishes. This is one grateful, happy sleeper!"

Maddie Hazard

Chiswick, London, January, 2017 

Addiction to Computer Games 

"For the last four years I have been addicted to computer games. I wasted hour upon hour playing these pointless games. If I was watching television, I would play while the ads were on. If I woke in the night, I would play. As soon as I woke in the morning, I would play. Every day I would spend at least four hours playing computer games. My game playing was actually ruling my life. Then a month ago, a friend recommended I made an appointment with Bertie. I went to see her with a lot of doubt because I didn't believe that hypnotherapy would work on me. BUT I have not played a game since and I have no desire to play. Bertie has changed my life (for the better). I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Nichola Hill, London

November 2016 

Hair Loss 

"Bertie is an extraordinary therapist. I sought her, because for 3 months I had shed a lot of hair. I have thick hair, but at this point it was really thin, and I started to worry that I should loose it all. Bertie found the root of the problem and just 24 hours later the hair stopped falling off. Completely! I was amazed. I highly recommend Bertie, she is extremely skilled. She is intuitive and therefore she can find the real problem, even if the problem is complexed or hiding itself. She is also really good at seeing patterns, and gives you an understanding of why you have the problem, and then solves it. I am very careful who I go to, since I want high quality. Bertie is a person that delivers!"

Karin Tydén - Professional speaker and coach

Sweden, October 2016

Pain from Divorce 

"Dear Bertie, I am so grateful for my hypnotherapy session. I really wanted to tell you that I felt better from the moment the session began. I instantly felt calm, and had a strong sense that I was already healing, just from our consultation. When I met you I really needed to heal from my divorce. After that one session, I felt free, relieved, and ready to move on and attract all that is good for me and since then I have been able to sustain this feeling.  One week after your hypnotherapy session, I attracted a new, happy and romantic relationship. I am still surprised at just how quickly it showed up! Not only that, I am very motivated in my work - I’m working on my new masterpiece - “How to feel good about your breakup”, as I now feel I can also help others to heal from separation and divorce. I have been recommending you to everyone. The changes were rapid and life-changing, and I can’t thank you enough."

Donna, Australia

August 2016 

Anxiety/Panic Attacks 

"For the last 10 years I have experienced constant panic attacks and worry about being away from a toilet, impacting me in my every day life and taking enjoyment out of travelling and being outdoors. And even though I knew the cause I was never able to curb away those negative feelings. Bertie had one session with me and literally cured me. I still listen to her recording on a regular basis and it puts a smile on my face. One session gave me phenomenal confidence in myself and has been truly life changing. Thank you!”


London, July 2016 

Confidence/Self Esteem 

"Hi Bertie, I just wanted to write to you to Thank you for your help.
When I had my 'skypenosis' session with you I had been feeling very low and had a very low self esteem, I couldn't shake off a lot of negative feelings from my childhood that have haunted me for on and off for years. The session really released me. After only 3 days of listening to the recording I had a huge shift in my well being. Three weeks later, I'm singing again, something I always did as a child and feeling really positive and happy. It's like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders! I cannot ‘Thank You’ enough Bertie, and I would highly recommend anyone to have a session with you."


France, May 2016 

Bad Habit/Lip Biting 

"For years I had the most ridiculous bad habit - I chewed the inside of my lips and mouth! It made no sense to me why I did it, it hurt and it was unsightly but, try as I might, there was nothing I could do to stop it - until my one single hypnotherapy session with Bertie! In just one hour Bertie got to the bottom of the deep-rooted issues that triggered this habit in the first place and helped my understand why I don't need to do it any more. Three months later I truly feel the habit is broken. During the session we explored some very sensitive issues which upset me but Bertie was very gentle, encouraging and reassuring and I felt quite safe and that I could trust her. By the end of the session I literally felt free of this habit and I had a full understanding of why I had been doing it and why I could now stop. I can't recommend Bertie highly enough - she's brilliant!"


London, May 2016 

Exam Confidence 

Listening to my recording has made me calm and want to revise. I went into my exams completely relaxed and remembered almost everything that I revised. The recording made me much more confident and relaxed. 


May 2016


Before I came to see Bertie, along with my confidence being down, I was terribly anxious about everything, I felt like I couldn’t breathe due to seeing the negative side to absolutely everything. I was forgetting things at work due to panicking before I had even
started. Since seeing Bertie and listening to her recording I finally feel like I can breathe again. It has helped me gain focus and trained my negative thinking into positive and reassuring thoughts, which has then helped me regain my confidence. A lifetime of these feelings have been demolished with one session with Bertie. I haven’t stopped raving about her to all my friends.


London, April 2016 


"Just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic weekend on my course with no blushing!!! I am still listening to the recording as advised but really many thanks, I can’t quite believe it myself and if it ever becomes a problem for my son I am definitely sending him your way!"


West London, March 2016 


"My fear of small spaces was really restricting my life. In one session, Bertie cured me of my fear of going into lifts after 15 years of avoiding them. The unexpected bonus was that I am no longer afraid to go in the attic. Now that I am free of this fear I can travel in lifts with my children, instead of running up the stairs to meet them. What a relief! I am very happy to recommend Bertie"


London, November 2015 

What my clients have to say

"I came to Bertie having struggled with confidence and self belief since childhood. My anxiety had really started to inhibit me and stop me from achieving my goals in life. With Bertie’s help, I was able to review all the moments in my life, which were now creating issues for me and causing my negative thoughts and fears to run my life. The session was extremely insightful and allowed me to look at myself in a manner and aspect that I had simply not envisaged before. One by one we ripped up my negative memories and put them in the metaphorical shredder.

After the session I felt instantly happier and released from my pain and then after 21 days of listening to my recording I felt like a completely different person. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m showing a real sense of confidence and self belief in my own abilities both at work and in my personal life. The changes in me have been noticed by both my friends and my colleagues, and I really can’t thank Bertie enough. It really is fantastic to experience such great shifts in such a short space of time, and to feel so positive about the future. I am so grateful for the fantastic support and I am very happy to recommend Bertie."

Joe - London / Skype

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